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01 May 2010 @ 06:03 pm

Yeah, I don't feel like answering the phone so......

leave a message.

Don't bother if its something, stupid, awright? And, god damn, leave your freaking name! I'm not a mind reader and even though to you humans you may sound different, its all the same to me!


22 May 2006 @ 11:44 pm
I really hate to have to do this again having just gotten back from being away, but becuase of issues beyond my control I'll be traveling yet again this week. I won't be available for serious play until after Memorial Day.

Fortunatly, James was nice enough to trap Shiro in a pokeball so that seems like a good enough place for the catdemon to remain for a few days.

He kinda had it coming, you know?
22 May 2006 @ 10:13 pm
Shiro didn't understand why they just hadn't had the students move into the cabins in the first place. It was a real pain in the rear to lug things up to the fifth floor, only to lug them back down in less then a week and through the woods. Why the hell were they in the woods anyway?

And what the hell was a Potbellied Pig?

Grumbling to himself Shiro was stuffing his duffle bag under his bed after stuffing what he could of his clothes into the drawers. He hadn't been able to find room for his Team Rocket uniform, which was fine with him, quite honestly. Though it was black and the hat was kinda cool, Shiro didn't plan on wearing the thing.

He was far more comfortable in his t-shirt and track pants. Which was what he was wearing at the moment.

Finally getting his duffle mostly under the bed, he flopped down on the bed to enjoy the quiet.

In this place, who knew how long that'd last?

(OPEN: James and Shiro)
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11 May 2006 @ 05:31 pm
Someone in my family has just passed away. I am going to be flying back east to be with my family. From Saturday to probably tuesday or wednesday, I will be unavailable for any sort of gameplay.

Shiro will most likely find his way into a pokeball.

After Wednesday, my time will be very limited (as I know I am going to need this place), to mainly evenings (eastern standard time).

I'm sorry for the short notice.

Thank you for your understanding.

Shiro's Mun
Despite leaving the window open all night, room 516 still stank of burnt hair and skunk droppings with a light hint of pine needles.

Shiro had spent the night half in and half out of the open window. He had just fallen asleep in this unlikely position when the clouds opened up and started raining.

Being a cat and all...Shiro would rather suffocate then get wet. Reluctantly he pulled himself back into the room.

Next time Weezing came out for a visit, Shiro was going to be far, far away.

((OOC: Open to anyone passing by and curious about the smell permeating from Room 516))
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09 May 2006 @ 09:47 pm
After much todo about the day, Shiro was finally able to find his room. He was glad that his roommate hadn't found it yet. This gave him a chance to revel in solitude for a few precious moments.

He let the large duffel bag come to a stop in front of the closest bed. Yeah. That'll do. He shrugged his back pack off and let it hit the floor by the foot of the bed. Then he flopped onto the mattress face first and spread eagled.

A small confrontation with the principal over the issue of weapons which Shiro still didn't understand. And then a nice, though slightly disturbing, conversation with Parker. If all the girls looked like that, then he was really going to like it here.

With a sigh that turned into a snort, Shiro rolled over. He reached up and batted his cap away. FInally, his ears had that chance to breathe!

((Open to the roommie to come and join ^^))
09 May 2006 @ 10:50 am
So this was it...

Dripping wet, Shiro stood outside of the main entrance to the school. On his back was a green backpack, on the ground beside him was a large green oversized duffle stuffed with odds and ends he figured he may have needed. Both were soaked through.

When he'd been told that he'd been accepted to the high school he hadn't seen what the big deal was. Now that he was actually there, he had to admit, it was rather intimidating.

It was very tempting to just turn right around and go back the way he had come. But he could just hear Lika in the back of his head chiding him. He couldn't cut it, after all, what a sorry excuse for a demon.

Shiro narrowed his eyes. His cat ears pinned under the cap on his head. He'd show that know it all bitch if it was the last thing he did.

He reached down and grabbed hold of the strap to the duffle bag. He had just thrown it over his shoulder when a screaming caught his attention. He looked around and finally saw a purple haired flailing boy drop from the sky and land on the roof of the school where he continued to scream bloody murder until a bag whonked him on the head.

Shiro stared at the roof for a moment before dragging his bag after him into the building.

What the hell was this place?